Try Just One (part 2)

In my last post I shared some ideas that my family has used for becoming more earth friendly. Have you tried any of them?  If so, how have they worked for you? Here are a few additional ideas which we like at our house and I hope you like too!

1. Recycle as many things as you can.  This can be through curbside recycling, at a transfer station or anywhere else that accepts items to be recycled.  Places like Target will take plastic shopping bags to be recycled.

2. Group errands together so you are not driving needlessly. One of our cars is not very environmentally friendly, so I try not to drive it more than I need to.

3. Buy paper and paper products made from recycled material. Staples sells printer paper made in part from recycled material, and Marcal and Trader Joe’s make or sell toilet paper and paper towels made from recycled content.

4. Buy local produce whenever possible. If you have a farm stand or farmer’s market near you then try to get your fruits and veggies there. They usually taste better too.

5. Grow something edible.  Try an herb at first - maybe the one your family will eat most often.  Last year we grew basil and used it all summer with tomatoes from a local farm stand. My kids loved to pick and eat it.

6. Use natural alternatives such as corn gluten for lawn and garden care. I would really like to start composting but haven’t gotten there yet.

7. Reuse items you no longer need in a new and different way. 

8. Donate clothes and household items to your local food pantry or goodwill, swap them at your town dump, or list them on a site like Freecycle, instead of throwing them away. We have given away tons of furniture, toys, decorative items, and even a set of garage doors this way.  I can’t tell you how excited I was to have someone take and use the set of garage doors instead of having to throw them away at the dump. Does that make me a geek?  Maybe so, but happily! I love, love, love Freecycle.

    If you have any ideas to add to the list that have worked for you please let me know. If you are able to try even just one of these or other earth friendly ideas, feel good about that. Even one of these changes can help make the earth a healthier place for you and your family.

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