My Favorite Things for Massage

by Rebecca Susi


I want to share some of my favorite tools for massage with you.  You can use them at home for comfort, relaxation and self-massage, or you can visit me sometime for a massage and try them out. I love them, my clients love them and I hope you will too!

Great music.  Some of this I listen to on my own, some of it you will hear during your massage at my office.  In any case it’s all good music for massage, relaxation and sleep (sometimes during your massage - and yes, that is ok!). My suggestions are Marina Raye, Snatam Kaur, or Lifescapes music (I have several of these which I bought at Target, but their selections seem to change year to year).

Organic essential oils.  I love essential oils for all their healing properties and have used them often in my practice and in my life.  It is difficult to pick my favorites because I use so many different oils depending on the issues I want to address.  I can tell you I run through a bottle of lavender essential oil faster than any other. I buy the big bottle now.  I use it for many things including massage, skin healing and soothing, relaxation, and room freshening/clearing.  I keep a mix of lavender essential oil and jojoba oil ready at all times, and find it especially good for pumping up my regular moisturizers in the fall and winter. I buy my essential oils from Mountain Rose Herbs and have been very happy with them.  Their prices are good and they offer so many goodies that it is hard to choose! They also have wonderful information about oils, essential oils, and herbs on their website and in their blog.

Organic jojoba oil. Good for massage and moisturizing, and because it is really a liquid wax, it will not go bad as oils are prone to do.  I use this on my face combined with my face cream in the colder weather and it does not cause my skin to break out. Nice for use with clients because it is not nut oil, so there is little chance of an allergic reaction, and it washes easily from clothing and sheets (good for you if you do a foot massage before bed).  I buy mine from The Jojoba Company.  I have always been very happy with them and it. They have many great ideas for use of jojoba and recipes on their website if you are interested.

Flannel sheets. Especially in the winter, and on a massage table, what could be cozier? I have purchased mine from different sources and they are all soft and comforting.  Nothing like slipping onto a heated, flannel enrobed massage table to help you relax and distress. Cotton flannel is also great for castor oil packs which are used in Maya Abdominal Therapy.

Herbal warming packs and eye pillows.  You can purchase these from many places, and they are great for warm support, muscle soreness and tired eyes. They can easily be heated in the microwave or cooled in the fridge. I like to support my client’s neck with a wonderfully warm pillow after their neck work, but I also use them at home for muscle aches, tummy aches and cold feet. (Don't worry- not the same ones I use for my clients.)  You can make your own packs or buy them from many different places. 

Self-care massage. OK – this one you can’t buy at a store.  You can learn it from me or any other Arvigo practitioner.  Self-care massage is a great tool for maintaining wellness.  It is wonderful to be empowered and take an active role in improving and maintaining our own health, and self-care massage allows you to do this in an easy way.  I feel much better when facing a problem or issue, knowing that I am not entirely dependent on others for my healing or well-being. Hence why I love self-care and would like to teach it to everyone.

So now you know a few of my favorite things, massage related.  Is there anything you would add to the list for the ultimate massage?  Let me know and I might add it to my list too!

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