It's the Little Things

by Rebecca


In seeing clients over the past few months for Maya Abdominal Therapy I have realized something; how easily we become accustomed to things being slightly off, bothersome or not in balance. We dismiss things if they hover below a certain threshold. When we live with something every day or every month, and it is not something too severe then we may adapt to it. But should we?

Clients have come to me to experience Maya Abdominal Therapy and learn self-care, thinking they have have no specific issues to address, only that it will be beneficial to their overall health. Upon talking with them it quickly becomes apparent to both of us how many “small” things are not quite right. Things like menstrual cramps, headaches, occasional reflux, intermittent low back pain, chronic low level neck tension, slight but nagging twinges near the sacrum. (Fortunately for both of us these are usually things that can be improved or eliminated with massage.) It might not be until we are questioned about these "little" things by a health care provider, or when we are touched by their hands upon examination or treatment that we might consider that something is a bit off (or bothersome, or painful, or not quite right). I can’t tell you how many times I have heard, as or after I work on a client, “I didn’t really know how sore (or painful, or tender, or tight) that was until you just touched it.  Now it feels so much better (in balance, normal, relaxed, etc.).” When we live with symptoms, pain or tension every day, every month, or on a regular basis, we tend to forget what our bodies are supposed to feel like, do or not do.

Think about all those little things.  We might be able to do something about them with massage or Maya Abdominal Therapy.  You might be able to something about them with regular stretching, self-care or better sleep. All those little things can add up to a lot of not feeling so good.  A small amount of pain or tension spread out over time can develop into a bigger or more nagging problem. Sometimes it takes us getting ourselves back into good working order to know how out of whack we were. 

What are those little things to which you aren’t paying enough attention?  I’m sure you can think of some. Think how much better you would feel if they were gone.

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