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Five Minutes to Care for Yourself

Hopefully we all know, even if we have not implemented it yet, the importance of self-care. As women, sometimes it is hard for us to make the time to do this on a regular basis (or at all).  We think there are so many things that need to be done before we make time to care for ourselves! Giving yourself a foot massage is something that will take you five minutes and can have a great return in the well-being department.  I find it especially helpful to quiet a busy mind and produce a peaceful night's sleep (also works well for the kids). Here are some guidelines for giving yourself a foot massage (or self-abhyanga). You can use whatever oil you have handy, and if you want to add a drop of lavender essential oil to your carrier oil, even better. If you choose to get more specific you can select an oil that is best suited to your type or dosha.  So tonight when you get ready for bed remember: five minutes to care for yourself is not a whole lot to ask. I know you would do it for someone you loved, why not for yourself?

Is Aromatherapy Just a Good Smelling Candle?

I used to think aromatherapy was something simple and fun, nothing that would really affect my health or well-being.  Just some body lotion or a candle that smelled yummy.  Um... I think I have changed my mind.

It started a few years ago when I began to use essential oils at home; a few drops of lavender here, a sprinkle of tea tree oil there.  The oils seemed to be quite effective, and they smelled great too - bonus!  Lately I have begun to use essential oils more and more - every day in fact.  I use them not only for myself, but for my friends and family as well.  I bought them intending to use them in large part for my clients.  As it turns out, I am using them in my own household even more.  Lavender for a burn, eucalyptus in the shower and in a chest rub for congestion, and ylang ylang and sweet orange in my ghee for my evening abhyanga (aka foot rub- I’ll cover that in another post).  I love using these incredibly lovely, effective, versatile and therapeutic oils.  I feel like I have my very own healing garden and chemistry set all rolled into one.

Essential oils can be used in room sprays, cleaning solutions, bath salts, massage oils, lotions, and salves.  They can be inhaled, put in the bath, and rubbed on the body (when diluted in carrier oil).  They can help with all kinds of common issues including muscle pain, hormonal balance, PMS, depression and anxiety, colds, cradle cap, insomnia, and fatigue.  How terrific is that?  Also, as a brilliant side effect, everyone comments on how great you smell.

If you are interested in learning more about essential oils I can recommend several good books.  My collection is growing by the day.

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