Massage & Cancer FAQs

Is massage therapy safe for people living with cancer?
Yes, when practiced by a skilled therapist with background or training in massage and cancer.

Can massage spread cancer?
No, it cannot. Massage of a solid tumor site should be avoided, but there is more to a person than a tumor site.

How can massage benefit people who are living with cancer?
Massage has many benefits for people living with cancer. A few are listed below. We know some of these from clinical observations, some from controlled research, and some from what clients tell us directly.

1. Massage reduces anxiety – Many clients report being less anxious in general when receiving regular massage. In particular, clients in cancer treatment state that massage eases anxiety before and duringuncomfortable procedures and interventions.

2. Massage eases pain – Recipients of massage therapy express less cancer-related pain, treatment-related pain, and pain related to muscle tension.

3. Massage helps control nausea – Gentle massage has been shown to reduce nausea in inpatients receiving antilogous bone marrow transplant. Massage may be a viable, low-cost approach to minimizing this difficult side-effect of medication.

4. Massage Improves Sleep and Eases Fatigue – Again and again, clients tell their massage therapists that massage improves their energy level and helps them sleep better, and clients in cancer treatment are no exception.

In working with clients with cancer, I combine a thorough intake process with careful clinical judgment and clear communication about what to expect in and from the session. I will adapt the massage to your needs and requests, creating a hands-on session that relaxes, energizes and reduces pain and discomfort.

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