About Wellness in Bloom

Wellness in Bloom is my holistic bodywork practice in Bolton, Massachusetts specializing in the care of women. I collaborate with my clients to help them find better reproductive, digestive, perinatal and whole body health. My goal is to provide thoughtful, knowledgeable and intuitive care and support for the body, mind and spirit of the women with whom I am blessed to work .

I feel extremely fortunate to be working with women at all stages of life, and sharing what I have learned and continue to learn to help them better care for and honor themselves.  One of the most important things that I hope my clients take away from their time with me is the value of self-care and being kind to themselves. Being able to care for ourselves allows us to feel and be empowered, strong and able, so that we are better able to take joy in our lives and help ourselves and those we love.

For more information about the services I offer at Wellness in Bloom take a look here or feel free to contact me at 508.410.1138 or rebecca@rebeccasusi.com. 



Wellness in Bloom Massage & Bodywork for Women - Bolton, MA - 508.410.1138
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