I want you to know what an integral role your work and care played in my healing.  I have been on a rollercoaster of discovery and healing since I last saw you and I know that things would not have been able to work their way out without your work.  I am forever grateful. You have a special gift and my clients have all been informed that it is well worth the drive to Bolton to feel your touch. --Emily, Massage Therapist

The self care has been amazing, I actually had been going to the bathroom regularly for the first time in years but have fallen off track again last week due to the stress of my new job :( it really did make a huge difference and I’m going’s to continue it in the future

Thanks for checking in. Your massage session truly offered me a huge relief. Thank you for being so patient and understanding of everything, it was very refreshing after all the other appointments I have been going through. I hope that more women with VV will start to do Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy®. The day after my massage, the UTI-mimicking symptoms actually all disappeared, which was a milestone. --A.

 I've been a client of Rebecca's since 2006 and from that very first appointment I knew I had found someone very special. Rebecca has always been exceptional at bringing the right balance to each and every massage and her talents are evident immediately. She intuitively knows when to keep working in an area and when to move on. Her massages feel patient and focused - as if there is no place else in the world she needs to be but right there bringing relief and relaxation to you. I appreciate her attention to detail both during the massage as well as from one appointment to the next. I trust her implicitly and have recommended her to dozens of friends and colleagues without hesitation. Several of my friends have enjoyed her prenatal massages and have raved about the deep relaxation and comfort they felt in her care. I would travel to anywhere and everywhere for Rebecca's massages - she is very, very special. -- Alexandra, Yoga Teacher


After our sessions, I felt like my body had just been to a yoga class - it felt "put together" the correct way. Obviously I don't know what sessions are like for other people, but I'd imagine that no two sessions are the same.  You have a way of reading my body and reacting accordingly, like it was a two-way street, you would sense the areas to work on.  Far from a canned rehearsed routine that I've gotten from a spa or salon.  You even found soreness I didn't even know I had.  Perhaps the best part was just knowing I was in capable hands.  Especially being pregnant, which made me skeptical and wary of everything.  Knowing that prenatal is one of your specialties made me relax and trust your skilled hands.  I don't know what life will be like post-baby so I just wanted to make sure you knew how much I valued our two sessions.  Thanks again! -- Valery


I have been coming to Rebecca for years.  I have been to many massage therapists over the years, so I can confidently say that Rebecca's work outshines them allShe is...the BEST! -- B.A.

I decided to make an appointment with Rebecca. I was a little nervous as this was my first time EVER going for a massage but Rebecca quickly put me at ease with her quiet nature and incredible professionalism. I had the most relaxing experience. I felt great. I highly recommend Rebecca Susi.
-- Laura

I have been to several different massage therapists, and for me it's the "little" things that make a huge difference that Rebecca adds to her massages that I have not experienced in the past. When I leave her place, I feel relaxed and less tense. She applies the exact pressure where needed and I have been extremely happy with her services. -- Angelique


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